2018 Rochester Riichi Open - Day 1 Results

Day 1 results of the Rochester Reach Open, currently under way in Rochester, NY, shows a close lead by George Liu-Krason.

Late winter snowstorms striking the northeast have not stopped the 28 U.S. and Canadian players from assembling at the Rochester Institute of Technology for this two day, 8-hanchan event. The closing of the first day found the top ranks dominated by east coast players - George Liu-Krason (MA) - 1st, Bruce Bland (NY) - 2nd, Arthur McAnally (MD) - 3rd, and Michael McLeod (NY). 

Saturday's competition was punctuated by a sainbaiman as well as two lucky rinshan wins in the same hanchan. We will be posting full results later today following the conclusion of the event!

  • Rochester Riichi Open 2018
    March 3-4, 2018 // Rochester, NY
  • Final Table
  • 1.Arthur McAnally+96.0
    2.Bruce Bland+73.45
    3.Loic Roberge+20.2
    4.Shan Kuang-0.2
  • Top 8
  • 5.George Liu-Krason+55.2
    6.Chris Letourneau+48.55
    7.Alex Ng+8.6
    8.Michael McLeod-15.4
  • Rest of Standings
  • 9.Daniel Moreno+113.0
    10.Steve Smith+54.0
    11.William Lou+46.15
    12.Aaron Ebejer+12.65
    13.Gabriel Ocasio+11.8
    14.Henry Chen+11.2
    15.Patrick Garrity+10.2
    16.Ty Kennedy+5.35
    17.Mike Lee-0.4
    18.Cassandra McClure-2.15
  • 19.Stanley Louie-10.0
    20.Derek Purpura-30.7
    21.Gaetano Loweecy-34.7
    22.Christopher Omahen-35.4
    23.Noah Bock-38.5
    24.Valliappa Chockalingam-57.5
    25.Jaben McCormack-64.25
    26.Alexandre Boily-79.85
    27.Justin Dilgard-93.8
    28.Forrest Shooster-118.0