IORMC US/Canada Rules and Registration

Hello! Thanks for your patience!

We are ready to take signups for the IORMC Qualifications. Dates and times for US and Canadian qualifying can be found in our last article.

Both USA and Canada sessions will be on Tenhou and constitute of 4 hanchan each. USA will pair players by dividing the players into quartiles by score and putting one person from each quartile together avoiding duplicates when possible. Canada will be pairing randomly.

There are some rules changes, those are found below with translations (error: busting is not allowed).

Eligibility rules for the IORMC state that in order to participate for the US or Canada, you must either posses a passport of that country or have permanent residency. While we will not ask for that detail of personal information, we do ask that you respect their rules when signing up.

Registration for each country are found below (Players can register by end of day Wednesday for each session up until the penultimate session. You will receive a link to enter the tournament lobby once registration for each qualifier date closes):

IORMC US/Canada Qualification Schedule

Hello! Tournament coordinator Edwin here with an announcement regarding the qualifiers for the 2017 IORMC to be held later this year.

(Edit: Canadian qualifiers are announced below)

First of all there is a new addition to the tournament! Not only will there be the team competition as done in prior years on November 5th at 1100 UTC (0300 PST/0400 MST/0500 CST/0600 EST/0700 AST as we will have turned the clocks back already for those observing Daylight Savings time), but there will be an individual competition for the top 16 finishers two weeks later on November 19th at the same time!

We had 17 countries represented last year and we only expect that number to grow this year!

That said, it is that time again for us to start qualifications!

At this point, the US qualifiers will be held on Tenhou for the following dates:

  • Saturday, July 29
  • Saturday, August 26
  • Saturday, September 16
  • Saturday, September 30

The US will hold their qualifiers first at 1200 PDT/1500 EDT.

Same qualifying format will apply. The top 2 qualifying scores will be taken with the average of all hanchan scores within those sessions becoming the basis of ranking players. This is to factor in the possibility of byes in rounds which would adversely affect those receiving byes.

Updated: Canada will have their qualification on the following dates:

  • Saturday, September 2
  • Saturday, September 9
  • Saturday, September 16
  • Saturday, September 23
  • Saturday, September 30

A minimum of 2 qualification sessions is needed to qualify, and if you play 4 or all 5, your lowest session is dropped.

Canada will hold their qualifiers first at 1400 PDT/1700 EDT/1800 ADT

The rules have changed since the last IORMC, and we will have those posted here as well as links to registration for the qualifiers so please stay tuned over the coming days!